MODS, Available in: Slovenia, EU & World - Customized

Prices starting from €8.000
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MODS, Available in: Slovenia, EU & World - Customized

Prices starting from €8.000

Customized MOD - Modular home, mobile home, Tiny house

Unit - MODS, Available in: Slovenia, EU & World - Customized

For sale: A custom-made modular house (MOD): Mobile home of Tiny house; Location: Wherever you want! Surface of the MOD: According to your wishes; Available: Custom-made.

For sale: A customized MOD. The various MOD models can be found in the picture gallery at the Dutch version of this page here. MODS are available throughout Slovenia or wherever you wish. A MOD is a modular passive house. MODS can be mobile. The objects are prefabricated (mobile) montage homes. All the MOD models are new, modern and innovative designs. MODS are delivered fully furnished for € 1,100/sqm. It is also possible to obtain a MOD without interior / equipment for € 750/sqm. Every MOD is well insulated and it is possible to live in a MOD all year round. MODS are durable and efficient. MODS can – on building land – be connected to the municipal infrastructure. If you want to use your MOD “offgrid”, than we will help you to determine which alternative infrastructural solutions are possbile. Optional installations: solar energy, wind energy, septic tanks and (rain) water filters. A MOD is ideal to use as bivouac, weekend, catering facility, showroom, club house, barn, shed, storage, garden pavilion, (holiday) home, mobile/tree or tiny house. Several MODS are provided with a terrace. for sale

Your own design?

Do you have an idea for a unique, personal design for a MOD? That’s not a problem! All the MOD models can be fully customized. Adjustments to MODS – for interior and exterior – are always done with the help of and in consultation with the architect. The architect makes a 3D presentation so one can get an excellent impression of the final result. Of each MOD model also a miniature specimen can be printed in 3D. It is possible to extend sizes of MODS by adding additional modules.

Naturally we can also be of service if you are not already in possession of (construction) land in Slovenia. We will look according to your needs and wishes for a suitable lot for the MOD.

Please ask for all possibilities. We are happy to tell you more.

Prices excludes VAT, delivery & installation costs.

Turnkey: € 1.100/m²
(Exterior) Structure: € 750/m²

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.” – That’s what living in a Tiny House is all about… Being happy and satisfied with the simple blessings in life. Getting rid of all the ‘fluff’ in your life to allow you to focus on your simple blessings and enjoy them every day on a location that you have chosen.
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