FOR SALE / NEW OFFER IN 2016: Build your dream home in Slovenia

Realize your dream and let us build you a dream (weekend) house, log cabin / cottage / tree house on your own land in Slovenia. Fully customized

The ideal investment for personal use or for commercial purposes (rental)

Prices for building your own dream home in Slovenia go from € 10.000

For some ideas on a chalet / cabin / chalet / treehouse or cottage look here



A detached house in Slovenia is practically possible for anyone. There is plenty of room, the country is blessed with great diversity. There are lots of interesting properties for sale. In Slovenia live only 2 million people. It is a safe and clean country and geographically seen Slovenia has a central position in Europe. The country lies on the sunny south side of the Alps. The neighboring countries are Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia. In the west it borders the Adriatic Sea, the coastline is approximately 40 km long. Slovenia consists largely of natural parks & protected natural areas. Labor of true professionals is relatively inexpensive and Slovenes are highly educated and speak foreign languages. Building materials and taxes are relatively low.

Come and find out how Slovenia is worth your investment!


(Almost) everything is possible. Please ask us what is possible for you.

For every budget it is possible to invest in Slovenia ( a Euro – € – country).

For relatively small amounts you wil become a landowner of your own piece of Paradise. And this in one of the finest and most exclusive countries in Europe!

Private and commercial real estate (houses, business establishments, catering, tourism, top investments).

Online / offline – On the Grid / Off the grid. We think with you and guide you from A to Z on a personal way.


The similarity is that it is an alpine country, but no!!! …. Slovenia is better, nicer, cozier and cheaper.

Try Slovenia, feel this lovely country and experience it …!

Build your dream home in Slovenia -






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