We recommend that you visit and explore the many different provinces. Slovenia is perhaps a small country but very large in diversity.

Every province has its own charm and sights. Travel around before you choose to buy property in Slovenia. If you are not yet familiar with the country, first check if it ‘clicks’. Not only with the country, but also with the people, language and culture. You can already do a lot of research via the internet in advance.

It is very important to consider exactly what you want from your investment. Remember that the location is essential.

For example, if you like skiing, make sure your accommodation is close to the ski areas and that the resorts are accessible by road in winter conditions. If you like outdoor sports such as canoeing, hiking, rafting, fishing, parachuting, etc., make sure that this is possible nearby.

The price / budget is of course very important, but there are many possibilities throughout the country. So be demanding and prepare your search well. A lot is possible in Slovenia. So make sure you get what you want!

Also take into account the different types of climates. Make a good comparison of areas, landscape and climate based on your own housing requirements and wishes. Ask questions like: What is the accessibility in the winter? How is the location in relation to the sun? For example, when you see the property in the summer, you should also check it in a different season.

Consider whether you want a new home versus a (semi) renovation project. We can of course help you with renovations and construction. We also arrange project management for you in case needed. The financial return can be higher with a renovation project. You can, of course, also choose to use or rent a property right away.

We recommend that you always purchase through a certified broker. However, a Slovenian broker usually represents the selling party.

We guide you from A to Z and in your own language, arrange viewing, give you legal support, check your contracts and we give you tips and advice, also on related matters and where necessary.

We are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let us know what you are looking for, if you cannot find what you are looking for, never give up. We can help you in your search. Through our partner brokers we almost always know something to find.

In addition to our partner brokers, we also work with many other specialists and professionals in various fields.

We help you invest or find the house of your dreams and will answer all your questions.

Above all, we ensure that you purchase the property in a safe manner and complete the sale with complete satisfaction.

After all, customer satisfaction is the very best advertisement for us!