Additional & other real estate services / matters, with which we can be of service to you:

    1. Proof of sale / property acquisition documentation vastgoedzaken

      – A land use certificate
      – Pre-emptive right
      – Consent from competent authorities
      – Tax returns
      – Check the legal status of the real estate
      – Application for tax number & Slovenian social security number – Land Registry registrations
      – Application for change of land zoning plan
      – Energy certificates for real estate

    2. Preparation of contracts foto’s zijn op het nu toch ja nee

      – Purchase agreement
      – Lease agreement
      – Easement contract
      – Gift contract f
      – Contract sharing
      – Recognition of ownership

    3. Representation at auctions foto’s zijn op het nu toch ja nee en zo voort

    4. Legally valid valuations

    5. Online Property Management – real time 

      – Cash Flow Forecast – Manage online real estate portfolio (s)

    6. Translations 

      – Professional translation for documents / procedures – SLO <-> NED – SLO <-> ENG – SLO <-> GER vastgoedzaken

    7. Transfers 

      – Transport in Slovenia – Transport from airports to your destination in Slovenia

    8. For media, VIPs & investors

      – Tailor-made real estate search: are you looking for something specific? do you have a dream? We are going to realize this (dream) wish for you!

    9. Real estate development & construction

      – development & construction of log cabin, chalet, tree house, garden house, (swimming) bath house, terrace, shed or your dream home.

    10. Advice & guidance for the purchase of real estate in Slovenia (consultancy)

      – Would you like to know more about real estate, the region or Slovenia? Do you have other questions about related matters or are you looking for a purchase broker? You can contact us with all your questions about real estate and related matters. omhuis, tuinhuis, (zwem)badhuis, terras, schuur of uw droomhuis. ontwikkeling & constructie van blokhut, chalet, boomhuis, tuinhuis, (zwem)badhuis, terras, schuur of uw roomhuis.